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Plan-IT Werkplaats aan het werk bij een autobedrijf

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Auto Smeeing

"We have an overview of the workshop schedule again. We can see what is happening and Plan-IT is also so easy to use that everyone has started working with it. We now have a good planning."

Gomes Noord-Holland

"Plan-IT is an extremely nice planning system, which we work with to our full satisfaction. They have a lot of ready knowledge and can solve problems quickly".

Auto Dekker

"An advice for fellow dealers who still work with a planning board on the wall: "Stop that. Plan IT is finer, better, more professional, more complete and the chance of errors is much less. This will only benefit your relationship with your customer."

Autobedrijf Van den Udenhout

"Plan-IT knows what real service is. The helpdesk is always friendly, no question is too crazy, they always think along and agreements are kept. A real relief!"

Pouw Automotive

"Plan-IT gives us more insight with less work".

Volvo Mobility Centre

"You don't have to have a degree to use it. By just working with it, you soon discover how easy it actually is and that the many possibilities can be easily taken up. In my opinion: just do it!"

Mazda de Voorstad

"Plan-IT's service is very nice and fast. You always receive great help from the helpdesk. Any questions and matters are quickly resolved. Top-notch in our opinion!"

Wensink Automotive

"Plan-IT goes further than just scheduling appointments. We are confident that with the help of Plan-IT our various after sales departments as well as our Customer Service Center will efficiently generate more traffic in the various auto repair workshops. Everyone at Wensink can count on the support of the entire management”

Van Mossel

"Since Plan-IT has connections with all DMS systems and also offers its products and services outside the Netherlands, Plan-IT is the ideal partner for Van Mossel."

Century Autogroep

"Even our people in the warehouse use Plan-IT. Plan-IT Workshop helps us to plan the appointments in the workplace more tightly and more effectively, so that you get more turnover from the workshop. You don't have to worry about the costs at all. Because Plan-IT pays for itself within a year."

Hedin Automotive

"Sometimes it seems as if we have an advantage, but apparently that is the standard way of Plan-IT."


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