A digital scheduling system is essential for your workshop

Plan-IT Workshop Web is thé digital scheduling system that is indispensable in your workshop. All appointments are displayed in one clear overview on the board. Plan-IT Workshop Web can be set up completely according to your own wishes.

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Plan-IT Workshop Web


Appointment confirmation by email/SMS

The availability of an appointment confirmation by e-mail and/or SMS.

Integrates with the most common Dealer Management Systems

Plan-IT Workshop Web integrates with almost every Dealer Management System (DMS), to make the work process more efficient.

Many extra possibilities through our collaborations

It is possible to easily adjust, move and change appointments. In addition, you can see each status at a glance. With Plan-IT Workshop Web you are flexible in managing your appointments.

DMS is leading

We have found that integration works best when the DMS is leading. The DMS does the intake, creates a work order and passes this information on to Plan-IT Workshop Web.

Plan-IT Workshop Web finds availability

The information is passed on from the DMS to Plan-IT Workshop Web. In this way Plan-IT Workshop Web can find the availability.

Only one source of information

Plan-IT Workshop Web returns all relevant data to the DMS. The process flow works best this way because there is only one source of information: the DMS.

Required information is displayed visually

With each work order, there are several options to add to the work order display. In this way you can see at a glance which work needs to be carried out, whether a replacement vehicle is needed and whether or not the customer is waiting for the car.

Adjustable to your own wishes

You can adjust Plan-IT Workshop Web to your own wishes and make the process more efficient. 

Curious if Plan-IT Workshop Web could help improve your aftersales process?

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