Keep an overview of your test drives

Does it ever happen that a customer buys a car from you without taking a test drive? Probably not. Does it ever happen that a customer comes by for a test drive, and you have to disappoint the customer because the car is no longer available? This happens probably more often. Plan-IT has a perfect solution for this! Plan-IT Test Drive can be set up completely according to your own wishes.

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Plan-IT Test drive

An ideal support for your sales

Schedule test drives online

Plan-IT Test drive is an online planning tool that you use to manage test drives, both for new cars and occassions. This online calendar is easy to integrate into your website. The test drive planner replaces the two-dimensional application on your website, as it were.

Completely web based 

Plan-IT Test drive is a complete web module that can import your cars into the program from a link. This way you don't have to enter all cars manually.

Please take into account the availability and location of the car

The availability of the car and the location of the car are taken into account, and a driver's license check can be added.

Insight into which customers are scheduled for which car

You know in advance which customers are interested in which cars, you can ensure that the cars are ready on arrival, and you can, for example, switch when the car is sold.

More advantages

Save time, be more flexible towards the customer, and increase your conversion.

And more...

  • Possibility for driver's license check
  • Easy to integrate in your website
  • Data import from reputable car data suppliers
Managing Director Julian Hendriks on the Plan-IT Test drive landingpage

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