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Eric Wilbers

Wensink Automotive has been working with Plan-IT at all its locations for some time now.

Through its IT department, Wensink Automotive has been continuously close involved in the design, presentation and roll-out of the new after sales process. Planning plays a major role in this.

Since the Ford division had already been working with Plan-IT for a number of years, it was almost a logical choice to start a pilot with Plan-IT for the other divisions, including Mercedes-Benz Passenger Cars and Commercial Vehicles.

In addition to this, Wensink also launched Plan-IT Online On Time, the innovative online planner, which customers can use to see online exactly at what time there is room in the workshop for the relevant service, tire change, MOT, etc. Everything under the guise of “what you plan is true”.

The Customer Service Center within Wensink uses Plan-IT to centrally schedule all appointments, which has resulted in great efficiency.

Eric Wilbers, Operational Director of Wensink Automotive: “During the presentation, I saw the countless possibilities of Plan-IT, how the software is able to “talk” with its online module and vice versa. Plan-IT goes further than just scheduling appointments. It informs our customers of the appointment by e-mail, online appointments are immediately visible in the software and above all it enables those responsible within Wensink to obtain a better overview in and about the occupation of the various workplaces. Not unimportant as the largest Mercedes-Benz / Ford dealer in the Netherlands.

After sales has always been leading for Wensink. This part has been central since its foundation in 1986. We are a progressive dealer holding and always looking for innovations. Plan-IT fits in perfectly with this.”

“We had a challenge”, continues Robert Kommeren, IT Manager, “because as management we had all the physical scheduling boards removed from the wall. From that moment on, every branch started planning digitally in the DMS. As a welcome addition, we learned from Plan-IT International that a link had been realized in mid-2014 between Plan-IT and our DMS. The Ford colleagues have the experience that Plan-IT makes scheduling more flexible and efficient. We contacted Plan-IT International about this, and together we drew up an action plan, which resulted in a central presentation for our management. We, therefore, prefer to speak of a collaboration than of delivery of software”, concludes Robert.

After that it went fast. All those involved at Wensink Automotive and Plan-IT International were informed about the state of affairs and a project group was set up in no time.

Leon Wonnink, Sales Manager at Plan-IT: ”It is pleasant doing business with an organization like Wensink, a customer who knows what they want. I say this from a pragmatic point of view. Robert in particular is very knowledgeable and direct in his communication. With his knowledge of the various systems and departments, he immediately saw the benefits. Consultations were held on a frequent basis, both with us in Venray and with Wensink in Apeldoorn and Zwolle. Both parties have indicated from the start that they want to achieve an innovative and constructive approach to the after sales process.”

“We are confident that with the help of Plan-IT, our various after sales departments as well as our Customer Service Center will efficiently generate more traffic in the various workshops. Everyone at Wensink can count on the support of the entire management," said a determined Eric Wilbers.

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