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René Groenendijk

René Groenendijk has been a Plan-IT user from the very beginning. Since 2003 he has been directing his employees as Aftersales Manager, making fervent use of Plan-IT Workshop. "I can still remember that we worked with such a Modulex planning board on the wall. The disadvantage was that anyone could abuse it. Give his assignment priority, or assign a more annoying job to a colleague. After 2 weeks of "test run" with Plan-IT Workshop I immediately removed the Modulex system from the wall."

Auto Dekker has been carrying the Suzuki brand for some time now, and also successfully Peugeot for a number of years. With branches in Spijkenisse, Oud-Beijerland and Hellevoetsluis, Auto Dekker is a household name in South Holland. "I don't understand that there are still car companies that work with such a schedule board on the wall. Plan-IT Workshop is really just a copy of that schedule board, only with many more advantages. It is really easy to use and actually shows itself.

We scheduled with 4 people when we started. Without resistance, I was able to unscrew the old schedule board from the wall after 2 weeks," says René. Auto Dekker customers can schedule an appointment via the website at the location of their choice.

Because Plan-IT Workshop can be linked to this, the customer immediately sees when there is time in the workshop. "The great thing about Plan-IT is that I can look beyond the branches. You can see at a glance where the opportunities and threats are. That way I can make timely adjustments where necessary."

When asked what makes Plan-IT unique for him, René answers with a heartfelt wink: "The cooperation of Plan-IT International." We are happy to take such a compliment to heart. Finally, René has a piece of advice for his colleague dealers, who still work with a schedule board on the wall: "Stop that. Plan IT is nicer, better, more professional, more complete and the chance of errors is much less. This will only benefit your relationship with your customer.

In the meantime we switched to another DMS with our own "planning". If management were to force me to work with that "planning", then I would consider looking for another job, because that's how bad the other thing is, and Plan IT works so well."

In short, Plan-IT Workshop not only ensures improved and more efficient scheduling of appointments, but also satisfied employees.

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