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Plan-IT Online on Time is a product which allows you to place an online schedule on your website with which customers can make their own appointments. Since Plan-IT Online on Time is linked with Plan-IT Workshop, the customer can schedule their appointment directly in Plan-IT Workshop.

Plan-IT Online on Time takes into account how long a certain job takes and takes into account the different specializations of the mechanics, which means that a customer gets to see real-time available dates and time frames. You can manage the duration of the jobs yourself, which means you get to appoint how much time needs to be reserved for a change of tires or routine maintenance etc.

You offer your customers convenience and flexibility in scheduling an appointment in your workshop, plus you don’t have any scheduling conflicts anymore thanks to the real-time function of Plan-IT Online on Time. U do not need to call back the customers to confirm the appointments they made, Plan-IT Online on Time puts them in Plan-IT Workshop automatically. Save even more time with your e-mail campaigns for tire changes: all customer data is already filled out when he/she clicks on the link to start scheduling.

Enjoy a better dispersion of customers coming in for their appointments, because not all of them need to be there at 8 in the morning to drop off their car. When an appointment is scheduled for the afternoon, a customer can drop his/her car off then. Replacement vehicles or waiting customers are also registered directly and ready for you to anticipate on.

With our API you can use your own design so the online schedule can be incorporated seamlessly in your corporate identity. Many big brands are already working with Plan-IT Online on Time, with the online schedule blended in perfectly with their corporate website. Don’t wait any longer, get in touch with us and start benefiting from the possibilities of Plan-IT Online on Time!

  • Linked with your workshop schedule
  • Works real-time
Plan-IT Werkplaats | trailer
Plan-IT | Products | Online on Time

The online schedule of Plan-IT Online. The different colors indicate to what
extent the time in the workshop has already been scheduled that day.

Plan-IT | Products | Online on Time

Plan-IT Online on Time: customers can choose a specific time for their appointment.

Plan-IT | Products | Online on Time

The online schedule integrated in a website. Of course the appearance
can be altered to match your corporate identity with our CRM API.

Plan-IT | Products | Online on Time

The Plan-IT Online on Time administrator menu, where you can alter settings according to your liking.