Plan-IT helps: Last Minute Deal module now free


These are turbulent times that we are experiencing as entrepreneurs. On the one hand we are busy with all the measures necessary to ensure our health, on the other hand we also need to support our business.

As Plan-IT, we therefore want to support our customers where possible. It is more important than ever to ensure that the workshop remains full so that work can continue. To help our customers with that, we now offer our "Last Minute Deal" module for free! A tool that helps the workshop to generate more workshop appointments, so that there are no gaps in the schedule.

However, the Last Minute Deal can only be used by customers who use Plan-IT Online or Plan-IT Online op Tijd, because it is a module specifically for the online planner.

How does Last Minute Deal work?

When a customer visits the online planner to make an appointment, the Last Minute Deal offers the possibility to offer a discount on a specific day. In this way, a customer is motivated to choose a day that is most ideal for the planning.

You can set yourself how high the discount should be, how this discount should expire per day and how many places are made available for that discount. After that, the system works completely dynamically: if a day is full, the discount will expire and the other discount percentages will move up. No more worries!

To support our customer during this time, we are now offering our Last Minute Deal for free for the next 6 months!

Since not every website or system is the same, if you are interested, please contact us via Then we will work with you to see how Last Minute Deal can best be implemented

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